Ipswich Bay Advisors "Brings It All Together"

The Arts & Business Council has engaged Ipswich Bay Advisors to manage the quoting and administration for the insurance plans companies can offer to its employees. Ipswich Bay Advisors is a leader and pioneer in employee benefits, human resource management, personal wealth management, & 401(k) management.

Here’s what sets Ipswich Bay Advisors apart:

Ipswich Bay Advisors is a culmination of close to three decades of experience and the development of expertise in the following areas:

  • Consulting, Design and Evaluation of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Investment Advisory Services to Institutional and Private Wealth clients
  • Investment, Retirement, Estate and Insurance Planning

We believe the keys to a successful, long-term partnership with our clients includes:

  • Complete fee disclosure and transparency in all financial matters.
  • Our continued commitment to communication and education with clients and the industry.
  • Conducting periodic compliance audits to protect our clients from legislative liability
  • Our freedom from any conflicts of interest.
  • Combining integrity, innovation and expertise in our high-responsive and proactive personal client relationships.

Besides health insurance, Ipswich Bay Advisors can offer an array of additional employee benefits companies may want to offer their employees:

  1. Dental: Taking care of your teeth is just as important as making sure your body is healthy. Ipswich Bay can provide dental quotes from numerous vendors that will go well with your company’s health plan.
  2. Vision: Your eyes are important too! Cost effective vision insurance is also available.
  3. Short Term Disability: If you need to recover from a recent illness or accident, short term disability coverage will allow you to collect a portion of your salary while you are away from work.
  4. Long Term Disability: If you need to take an extended leave of absence from work, make sure you have a long term disability plan that will provide you with income while you recover.
  5. Life Insurance: Help protect your family from financial stress with a life insurance policy.
  6. Critical Accident: We all are prone to accidents. Help soften the pain by having an accident insurance plan. Insurance companies will pay a flat dollar amount for certain injuries.
  7. Critical Illness: If you are at a higher disposition to have cancer, a stroke, or a heart attack protect yourself with a critical illness benefit. This benefit will save you and your family from paying high medical costs while you recover.

Ipswich Bay Advisors can provide competitive quotes for all of these benefits. For more information about Ipswich Bay Advisors please visit www.ipswichfinancial.com.