“In difficult times we must never sell our seed stock for in these and all times it is the future.” - Farmers Adage

At the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston we believe that artists, arts organizations, and their facilities are all part of the seed stock of a healthy and vibrant community.  Further, arts education is the seed that builds a new generation of innovation. We believe that great schools teach more than facts and tell other people’s stories but must invest in creativity, artistic discipline and the unshakable power that becomes embedded in a person when they create their own stories.

The A&BC Story of Advocacy

Through education and legislation, the Arts & Business Council and its Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts program (VLA) continues to successfully advocate for the arts! The VLA provides artists with proactive legal information through its popular educational programs, relying on the expertise of its staff and panel attorneys. Examples of previous seminar topics include estate planning for visual artists, non-profit incorporation, copyright, trademark, and immigration. Last year, the VLA conducted 23 seminars and 12 webinars on arts-related topics.

In addition, the Massachusetts Legislature’s passage of significant changes to the Consignment of Fine Art law has inspired a series of workshops and educational offerings on the VLA’s website to better educate artists and art dealers about their rights and obligations under the new law. The VLA worked diligently with other lawyers, the Artist Foundation and agencies to pass the changes now reflected in the present law.

The VLA anticipates that attorneys and artists will seek training on the current Orphaned Works Act. The Artist’s Professional Toolbox, separately funded, expands upon these and related topics in a year-long, intensive course for visual artists.

The VLA also collaborates with Lawyers for the Arts organizations located throughout the country and was a participant at The National Lawyers for the Arts Conference in Tennessee this past April.

The Arts & Business Council supports the efforts of numerous organizations working hard to advocate for artists’ rights and for arts related funding. Learn more >>