BOB's Impact

As the bridge between business and not for profit organizations, A&BC/Boston is uniquely qualified to conduct the Business On Board program:

  • A&BC/Boston programs receive a 95% satisfaction rate.
  • The Business On Board program is the only one of its kind in Massachusetts.
  • A&BC/Boston is the arts & culture liaison for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.
  • A&BC/Boston has a proven track record for providing service to the arts/culture community.

By serving on a not for profit board of directors, you learn to:

  • Lead and influence people without having formal authority over them.
  • Take risks at a level not necessarily open to you in your job.
  • Discover multiple solutions to a problem.
  • Resolve conflicts with other team members.
  • Get opportunities to practice creative decision-making.
  • Help to strengthen the community.
  • Work in a visible role with other community leaders.

For more information on BOB please contact:

Jim Grace
Executive Director
Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston
617-350-7600 x 7010

"We are proud to offer this professional development opportunity to our employees. This is the best program available and is a must have for any company that believes in and invests in corporate citizenship training."

- Regina McNally, Global Volunteer Program Manager State Street Corporation