The ABC's of Health Insurance

The Arts & Business Council has engaged Ipswich Bay Advisors to manage the quoting of and administration for the insurance plans organizations like yours can offer to its employees. Ipswich Bay Advisors is a leader and pioneer in employee benefits, human resource management, personal wealth management, & 401(k) management.

Navigate the lefthand menu to learn more about health insurance plans, terminology, and more. To speak to an advisor about the insurance plan that's best for your organization and employees, contact Cliff Watkin at Ipswich Bay Advsors,

Why do I need insurance?

People may believe they will always be healthy, but the fact of the matter is we don’t know what’s in store for us in the future. The reason people buy insurance is for the unanticipated accident, injury, or illness. The policies we purchase are to help alleviate the pain of high costs we may be subjected to if we have an accident or become ill. Why take the risk of being uninsured and subject you and your family to the potential of high medical debt? It stands to reason that at some point in your life you will need medical care. Take the time to learn and understand how your plans work. Better yet, let The Arts & Business Council show you how easy it is to understand how insurance works.

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