Corporate Art Partnerships


"If the purpose of art in the office is to somehow make you feel good, take you momentarily away to appreciate the world around us, we have succeeded.  The works are wonderful — I may consider purchasing some for my home when the time comes up next year. Thank you!"

—Art Lending Client, 2012

The Arts & Business Council’s Corporate Art Partnerships Program seeks to forge greater connections among business and arts communities by bringing extraordinary, original artwork by local artists into Boston’s workplaces. This program is an outgrowth of our eight-year commitment to the professional development of artists (Artist’s Professional Toolbox) and grounded in our philosophy of investing in artists. True to our mission, we share program revenue with the lending artists. The loan of artworks also provides opportunities for works to be purchased outright by our clients. This program is part of our strategic plan to develop deeper and richer relationships with businesses and to invest in the local arts community. Artwork is loaned for a one-year period from the date of placement.

If you're an artist or a business interested in learning more about this program, please contact Leonie Bradbury at


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