The Creative Campus

The Creative Campus

A healthy and resilient arts ecosystem includes affordable, long-term multi-use space for artists, cultural organizations, and their communities. Gentrification is putting such spaces within Massachusetts at risk; if not preserved, invested in, or expanded, they will be lost forever. The Creative Campus initiative intends to serve as a fully capitalized cultural community development corporation with the goal of preserving and developing vibrant and sustainable cultural and maker spaces. We intend to develop and own a network of Creative Campuses throughout Massachusetts that leverage the accumulated resources, human capital, equity, and development infrastructure toward the development of future projects.

How properties are identified

  • Through our own prospecting via needs analysis, mapping, and partnerships
  • In response to properties made available through formal RFP processes from government entities, banks, and private owners and estates

How spaces are used
Projects may be a standalone building or a multi-building concept. Projects will be identified and programmed with the following priorities in mind.

  • Shared office, including incubator space for small and fringe organizations
  • Shared rehearsal
  • Multi-use black box performance venues (dance, theatre, film, etc)
  • Maker spaces  (printmaking, ceramics, jewelry, music, theatre set design, foundry, etc)
  • Incubator space for tech and innovation

How spaces are designed
Each project will be characterized by the following project DNA:

  • Site and community specific, based on a needs assessment
  • Located in an under-resourced community or one where the arts are in jeopardy
  • Community activated space—open/flexible, accessible, and technology enabled
  • Diverse and inclusive in all aspects of construction, programming, and management
  • Mix of uses and collaborators, e.g. farming, tech incubation, shared maker space
  • Design experimental; high efficiency and green/sustainable
  • Close to transportation
  • Mixed-use and performance friendly, including sufficient load-in and storage space
  • Designed to accommodate rotating public art installations and public events
  • A&BC platform of services provided to tenants

How projects are funded
Each project will be funded through some combination of the following:

  • Angel investment (philanthropic)—angels committed to supporting operations and raising the equity portion (20-30%) of a project budget on a project-by-project basis
  • Private foundations
  • Corporate support and sponsorship
  • Government/municipal funding
  • Tax credits (new market or historic)
  • Bank loans
  • Individual fundraising efforts by tenant or partner organizations interested in investing in the project to support their long term affordable space needs

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