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Project Mosaics

Project Mosaics is committed to creating multimedia teaching resources that expand and improve the study of Jewish histories, cultures, arts, and identities in middle and high school classrooms. Our work showcases the diversity of Jewish voices and experiences around the world which is vital to a vision of education that is truly multicultural, globally-oriented, and culturally-affirming for all students. We are committed to educational opportunities premised upon crossing cultural borders, breaking silences and telling under-told stories, cultivating compassion through knowledge, and demonstrating the interconnectedness and humanity of communities who are underrepresented and misrepresented in society.

We at Project Mosaics believe that the study of Jewish peoplehood should be like looking into a kaleidoscope: full of joyous, creative, and expressive dimensions of a community that is global, pluralistic, and dynamic. Studying Jewish history and culture is an opportunity for students to consider the fluidity and hybridity of identity, particularly for a people whose history is full of migration and intergroup interactions.

Through digital content that teachers can plug and play directly in their classrooms, we amplify Jewish voices and recognize the agency of Jewish people in humanities education. Our videos and resources bring the expertise and perspectives of scholars, memoirists, poets, and visual artists into schools in order to nurture students’ appreciation for the vitality and vibrancy of people who are not always studied in deep, meaningful, and compelling ways yet who deserve recognition in our curriculum.

Together, we can connect the pieces of Jewish history.


Boston Art Review Reports on Artist Live-Work Space in Boston

The spring/summer 2022 edition of the Boston Art Review is out, and it includes a fantastic feature by Anita Morson-Matra, “Real Talk," that focuses on the state of live-work spaces for artists in Boston.  Anita…

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Preserving 350 Artist Spaces in Lowell

The Arts & Business Council is delighted to announce the preservation of Western Avenue | Studio & Lofts, a vibrant artist community in Lowell, Massachusetts, through purchase of the property as the next phase of…

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Available Grants from Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation

Our partners at Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation have two new grant programs available to help small businesses continue to recover from the pandemic. While not all of the artists and arts organizations we work with…

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