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Shea Justice
Shea Justice graduated from Boston University’s CFA (93). During his years as an undergrad, he designed several program posters celebrating the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Those posters are now a permanent part of the King room in the Howard Thurman Center at B.U. Shea has had his work published in the editorial sections of the Boston People’s Voice and Sudbury Town Crier newspapers.He has been a member of the Boston Afro American Artist Association and recently joined the AAMARP program at Northeastern University. Membership in those groups included Shea having art exhibitions throughout the city of Boston. Justice also designed the program brochures for the annual Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School gospel choir performances. Recently, along with author Millery Polyne he illustrated and self published a book of poetry called RELEASE: Love, Race and Jazz.

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