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Get Unstuck in Your Creative Career

You’ve been feeling it for a while, that “itch,” that sense that there’s another level for you in your career—but maybe you’re unsure of how to get there. In this session, creative career coach Mia Scharphie covers the 5 common places creatives—and especially creative women—get stuck, and what you can do about it.

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Understanding public art contracts and legal issues

One element that distinguishes the field of public art from other artistic endeavors is the amount and complexity of the agreements involved in a robust public art practice. This webinar uses a hypothetical public art commission to discuss and explore the various legal questions that a public artist might encounter over a career. 

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The public art selection process

Christina Lanzl from the Urban Culture Institute and Jim Grace from the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston discuss the process by which a public art piece and artist are chosen, including the challenges (and opportunities) such an artist would face.

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