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Hub & Spoke

Hub & Spoke is a nonprofit collective of independent podcasters. We started out in Boston,  our “hub,” but we now have members in “spoke” locations around the United States.

We believe in the power of creative, independent minds to tell compelling stories through sound. We think skilled and passionate audio makers should have the freedom to create and share these stories outside the bounds of professional studios, public radio stations, and streaming networks.

In fact, we believe that independent makers bring something special to their craft: a diversity of real-world experiences and commitments, the flexibility to follow wherever their instincts and abilities lead, and the fearlessness to tell stories no institution may approve or disapprove.

We believe that when these makers have creative, promotional, and financial support, they can produce extraordinary work that delights and informs listeners everywhere.

Hub & Spoke exists to provide this support. Through our virtual and in-person gatherings, we make producers part of a collaborative, problem-solving community. Through our coordinated cross-promotions, we bring audio makers exposure to new audiences. And through our fundraising and stipend program, we help our member-producers put more work into their audio creations and a little less into the monthly scramble to pay the bills. 

We’re a collective of creator-owned shows, so we can speak our minds. And now more than ever — as journalists, artists, podcasters, and other creators face growing pressure to sell out or bow out — we see a need and an opportunity to band together to defend and nurture great independent audio.

You can donate to our effort below. Or you can send a check made out to our fiscal sponsor, the Arts & Business of Greater Boston. Please include “Hub & Spoke” in the memo. The check should be mailed to Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, 15 Channel Center Street, Suite 103, Boston MA 02210. Thank you for your support!


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