Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Arts & Business Council acts as a fiscal agent for start-up and small arts groups that are seeking to raise funds through grants and donor support but are not yet incorporated as 501(c) 3 organizations. If incorporation is the right next step, we educate and aid organizations during that process as part of our mission to support cultural groups throughout their development. If you are currently seeking fiscal sponsorship, contact us to learn more or download our application for fiscal sponsorship.

Meet our Current Fiscal Sponsorees

  • Art in the Park, Worcester: Public art has the power to energize our public spaces, arouse our thinking, and transform the places where we live, work, and play into beautiful and welcoming spaces that invite pause and interaction. Art in the Park is an extraordinary biennial exhibition of sculptures by New England artists at Worcester’s historic Elm Park. Make a donation.
  • Boston Trans Chorus: The Boston Trans Chorus empowers and supports the transgender community through music, as well as outreach and research, so that transgender people are able to build community and lead happier and more integrated lives. Make a donation.
  • Improbable Research: The goal of Improbable Research and projects like their Ig Nobel Prizes is to make people laugh, then make them think. They seek to spur people’s curiosity, and to raise the question: How does one decide what’s important and what’s not—and what’s real and what’s not—in science and everywhere else? Make a donation.
  • SOUND SCULPTURE:  An interactive public-art creation designed to make musical composition more physical, and sculptural creation more audible. Portable, location-sensitive blocks are manipulated in space to create physical / sound / light structures. Make a donation.
  • The Mobile Incubator: The Mobile Incubator is on a campaign across the US–region by region–to help artists, designers, writers, producers, directors, and other cultural entrepreneurs. Installing as public art, the Mobile Incubator gathers business questions through open office hours and a hotline, and then dispatches advice through podcasts, workshops, livestreams, field reports and exhibitions. Make a donation.
  • The Underlings Theatre Co.: A theatre company specializing in classical and classically-inspired productions centered around diversity, inclusivity, and gender equity. Make a donation.

Previous Fiscal Sponsorees

  • Battle of the Biotech Bands: A fun, community-driven, networking event, Battle of the Biotech Bands features bands associated with Boston-based biotech companies competing to raise money for a charitable foundation of their choosing.
  • Convergence Ensemble: This diverse group of instrumentalists and artists is committed to engaging audiences, inspiring local pride, and strengthening the collaborative artistic connections between our various Boston neighborhoods. The ensemble offers compelling concerts featuring seldom-heard instrumental and vocal works, as well as the classics of chamber music repertoire.