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Zack Chomz on “Watching Netflix while the World Burns”

Zack Chomz is a Boston-based artist who works in painting and new media. He is also one of our 2020 Walter Feldman Fellows. We are excited to share an excerpt of the conversation we had with Zack on November 24, 2020. Natalie: Could you introduce yourself? Zack: My name is Zack Chomz. I was born in Massachusetts and am currently based in Boston. I think…

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An Interview with Multimedia, Multidisciplinary Artist Stephanie Houten

Interview conducted on September 23, 2020. Photo above by Colgan Johnson. Natalie: Could you introduce yourself, what you do and what you’re passionate about? Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Houten. I'm a multimedia multidisciplinary artist. I do primarily filmmaking and photography, and I also do installations, creative production, and event production. I’m very politically active, and I’m an organizer. A lot of my work is based on…

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