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How Candelaria Silva-Collins is Empowering BIPOC Artists

Candelaria Silva-Collins is a consultant, facilitator, and nonprofit professional based in Boston, MA. She has administered an award-winning cultural economic development program that informs her consulting practice, and, for the last seven years, has been a member of the leadership team for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston’s Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship (CEF) program. CEF is a customized professional development program that is designed…

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An Interview With Bithyah Israel: Composer, Cellist, and the Founder of City Strings

Bithyah Israel is a composer, cellist, and the founder of City Strings, a youth cello ensemble that provides free musical opportunities for youth in the Boston area. She is also the Social Justice Fellow for the Arts and Humanities with the UU Urban Ministry. We got to speak with Bithyah about her compositional process, the inspiration behind City Strings, and her time as an Arts &…

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Ngoc-Tran Vu Talks Creative Resiliency in These Turbulent Times

One of our 2019 Creative Entrepreneur Fellows, Ngoc-Tran Vu, is with us today to discuss what she refers to as creative resiliency and protecting energies during these turbulent times. Ngoc-Tran Vu (she/her) is a Vietnamese-American interdisciplinary artist and organizer whose socially engaged work draws from her experience as a community organizer, educator, and healer. Tran moves between mediums and materials to work in photography, painting,…

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An Interview with Feldman Fellowship Mentor: Almitra Stanley

The Walter Feldman Fellowship is a special opportunity awarded to emerging artists that provides them with professional development support and an opportunity to exhibit their work. The fellowship goes further than typical monetary awards by providing a hands-on guidance and teaching artists the business tools they need to facilitate the public’s access to their art. The Feldman Fellowship was established in 2015 and has been…

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An Interview with Multimedia, Multidisciplinary Artist Stephanie Houten

Interview conducted on September 23, 2020. Photo above by Colgan Johnson. Natalie: Could you introduce yourself, what you do and what you’re passionate about? Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Houten. I'm a multimedia multidisciplinary artist. I do primarily filmmaking and photography, and I also do installations, creative production, and event production. I’m very politically active, and I’m an organizer. A lot of my work is based on…

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David Guerra: On The Lookout For Art Rebels

David Guerra is the owner and director of A R E A Gallery and an independent curator here in Boston.  His recent endeavor has been to organize AREA CODE, an online art fair created in response to the COVID pandemic to support local artists. Looking forward, he wants to create a new model for art galleries, where people can participate in a safe way and…

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Chanel Thervil on Self-Care, Creativity, and Collaboration during COVID-19

Chanel Thervil, the multi-faceted artist and educator behind the current exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Boston, titled “Warm & Fuzzy Feels”, recently bought her first tricycle. She takes it out for a joy ride twice a week (at most) to breathe new life into her creative works in the midst of COVID-19. “It’s been hard for me to find a routine,” she says, “but…

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Social Justice, Socially Distant: Reflections on the Present from Marsha Parrilla

What does a socially distanced dance company look like? Marsha "Mar" Parrilla, founding artistic director of Boston-based dance company Danza Orgánica, has a few ideas. Danza Orgánica held its last in-person rehearsal on March 13th, but with the opportunity to continue meeting via Zoom, progress for the company has not slowed down. Rather, it has pushed Mar to reorient herself and her focus. Beginning in…

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