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Dianne Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s art reveals graceful choreography playing out among seasonal images of sun, water, trees, and landscape. Bursting with light/shadow simplicity, energized with colorful relationships, her images embrace striking patterns in the environment and in nature.

Zimbabwe’s interest in culture-through-landscape began with a mud painting apprenticeship (2001 – 2002), leading to a transformational visit to Mali, West Africa (2007), and invitations to display her unique mud cloth at the National Heritage Museum (2008) and the Lowell Folk Festival (2009). Zimbabwe’s photographs debuted at the Theresa Show (2016) and were her primary focus for the Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship (2016 – 2017). Zimbabwe has also exhibited in many other places including Roxbury Open Studios, Wake Up The Earth Festival, Cambridge River Festival, Roxbury Community College, and the Pen and Brush Gallery in New York City.

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