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Boston-area nonprofit organizations are in need of experienced business professionals to share their unique expertise and passion for important causes. Business skills, enthusiasm, and the desire to make a positive difference can have a huge impact on any organization. If you have always wanted to serve on the board of a nonprofit now is your chance to learn what is required and to find the organization that’s right for you.

Get on Board!, a half-day bootcamp, prepares business professionals for the rewarding experience of volunteerism, nonprofit leadership, and board participation. These seminars are also well-suited for nonprofit administrators seeking to learn more about board management or who are seeking to onboard new or prospective board members.

Participants learn about the different types and structures of boards, as well as the roles, responsibilities, and legal obligations of nonprofit board members. This seminar also provides the tools and resources to find the organization that is a best fit for an individual’s skills and passions. Our seminars are currently held in an online format using the Zoom platform.

This fun and interactive seminar covers:

  • Board types and structures
  • Effective board governance
  • Group dynamics and decision making
  • Legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Fundraising, marketing, and strategic planning
  • Finding the organization for you

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in serving on a board now or in the future
  • Current board members seeking a better understanding of their role
  • Executives of newly incorporated nonprofits
  • Executive Directors and administrators of nonprofits
  • Business professionals of any age and level of experience who are passionate about nonprofit causes
  • Human resources professionals or directors of training
  • Entire nonprofit boards or board committees that want to learn together and build common language and goals related to healthy board development and operations.

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“As a ‘seasoned’ board member, I’ve attended similar programs over the years and yours is by far the best. You hit on the topics that boards often want to gloss over—legal, financial, and fundraising responsibilities. Amazing that in addition to being informative, you also made it fun! I was impressed by the variety of people you had in the room and the networking opportunity you provided for the group. I am going back to our board retreat with a lot of thoughts and questions. Thank you!”

Stacy Reed, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Board of Directors

“I learned so much more about the breadth and depth of arts in Boston. I had no idea how many unique and exciting groups there are. I think many of the skills I have learned here will and have already changed my perspective on managing.”

– Ellen Gulachenski, Manager, Perceptive Informatics

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