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JlynFitz Pottery. d/b/a Mud Dove Pottery
My creative journey began years ago, when I mostly worked with fabrics. I made clothing for myself, upholstered furniture and designed children’s clothing. I even invented a terry cloth knee pad to protect the knees and legs of crawling toddlers as they were just learning to walk: I called them Wee-Knees!

Additionally, I excelled in culinary arts: catering, personal chef-ing, and developing a line of all natural sauces. The sauces I both sold in specialty food stores and at a number of farmers markets. My signature sauce, Honey Ginger and Garlic, won the best new product award at the Boston Food Show: and was featured in Intermezzo Magazine. Nowadays, many of the artistic expressions I developed with fabric and food I find showing up in my pottery as colorful designs, well-balanced as any good meal should be. My pottery pieces are utilitarian, useful in any household. But they are also unique, collectible works of art, featuring odd shapes and bright colors because I rarely make more than one of a kind, or one set of a kind.

While studying at the Clay School in Lynn, Massachusetts since 2018, I have been inspired by and learned from many wonderful ceramicists and pottery teachers. I have also had the opportunity to do a semester at the Harvard Ceramic School. As a result, I have progressed quickly. I was a little reluctant to participate in my first show in 2019 at the Lydia Pinkham Open Studios in Lynn; but I did very well. My pottery designs were well-received, and I was elated! Now each day I continue to joyfully work at perfecting my craft. I hope you will journey with me, as I experiment with color, shapes and sizes, while developing my potter’s voice.

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