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Molly Kaderka
Molly Kaderka received her BFA in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2011 and was recently granted a Graduate Fellowship and Teaching Assistantship from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she will pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. Molly Kaderka’s work is inspired by her deep interest in natural phenomena and in human and earth history. Intrigued by both Astronomy and Geology, Kaderka searches out and observes moments in the natural world, like the night sky, as well as geological specimens, and human artifacts, in order to translate them into compelling visual images. Through a process of drawing that involves highly detailed layers of marks, Kaderka imbues these objects with an enigmatic yet physical presence that communicates to the viewer the larger mystery they represent.

“Molly Kaderka monumentalizes the ordinary and turns it into extraordinary. Kaderka explores the sublime around us as a transformative experience. Her work allows encounters with nature that help us reframe our existence and the lives of others in our planet. Through painting, printmaking, and drawing, the artist creates with the curiosity of those researching various geological and astronomical phenomena and with the integrity of those protecting endangered species.” — David Guerra, 2019 Walter Feldman Fellowship Juror

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