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Nygel was born in Boston, and he currently lives and works there as well. He graduated with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Montserrat College of Art in 2015, studying painting, drawing, and sculpture. Post-Graduation, he has worked in construction, custom manufacturing (from sign-making to custom picture), and framing, and these professional experiences have helped him to expand his approach to making art.

Nygel had the instinct to be creative since he was young. His influence for wanting to be a creative in the arts derives from his family background in construction, engineering, and music. His inspiration for making art has and always will be pop culture and various forms of industrial design that shape our everyday lives.

Nygel’s practice consists of constructing and painting wooden panel shapes and frames in ways that extend beyond known existing geometric shapes. The frames are an extension of the shapes within. In his recent work, his subject matter is anything that he thinks about, which is interpreted through the random shapes, design, and colors. He finds his art to be a process, a constant evolution in design and approach. To Nygel, this process is like playing a strategic game with a specific equation in which every game is different, and each piece and move has purpose. It is a visual yet physical metaphor to a musician intuitively playing an instrument or a hobbyist building a Lego set.

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