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Patricia Thaxton is a Boston based visual artist, fashion designer and educator. She taught for 35 years and retired as the last Home Economics teacher within the Boston Public Schools system. Following her retirement, she embraced the opportunity to focus on her artwork. Thaxton’s work is a collection of ideas and images from sketchbooks dated from the 1970’s to the present. She is influenced by moments of everyday life. Her background in family and community development is an evident theme throughout her work. In addition, her experience with fashion design allows for a unique process as well as an interesting mix of media; ranging from cut pieces of paper accented by chalk pastels, crayon, pencil, watercolor and acrylic paint. No material is off limits.

“I decided many years ago to create based upon what interests me at the time. I love the freedom I have with mixed media collage. The freedom to use any and everything to make my creation is exciting. Along this journey, I discovered the elements that fascinate me: texture, color and depth connect each work of art in my collection. Several pieces were inspired by images I’ve collected from newspapers, ads from magazines, and most of all photos I’ve taken through the ages. I enjoy capturing the culture within and around our daily lives.” – Patricia Thaxton

Over the past seven years Thaxton has been heavily involved in the Boston local art scene. After joining Discover Roxbury in 2012 she quickly became an avid member, this enthusiasm continues with the Roxbury Open Studios Collaborative. She annually participates in Roxbury Open Studios and makes an annual donation to the Discover Roxbury silent auction fundraisers, Black & White Party and Heart Of The Hub. Jamaica Plain Open Studios is also a favorite. She was interviewed for Boston City Hall-Artist Talk as well as local TV station Boston Neighborhood Network, for the show “Artist of Color”. Her work is coveted amongst several Roxbury housing renovations and construction, including Rogerson Communities, 9 Williams St., Affordable Housing and the most recent opening of Dewitt Youth Center.

Thaxton has had three solo exhibitions. Her collection, My Point Of View exhibited in 2011 at the Boston Teacher’s Union, the Stoughton Public Library in 2015 and the Mayor’s Gallery at Boston City Hall in 2018. Thaxton was also a Featured Artist for Future Boston’s Hello Project.

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