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Vernell Jordan is a primarily self-taught artisan craftsperson/designer working mostly in leather in combination with other media such as wood fabric, paint, metal, beads, and found and recycled materials. Most of her work is functional and the individually crafted pieces are hand cut, wet formed and sculpted, painted, usually hand sewn or otherwise hand-assembled and are mostly one-of-a-kind or limited. Inspiration is drawn from forms, textures, rhythms, and colors that exist in nature, music, and indigenous textiles and cultures. Over the past thirty years, Vernell has marketed and sold her work locally and nationally in juried and non-juried venues and selected craft galleries and retail shops and through membership in several artist-owned or managed cooperative businesses.

Vernell is also committed to using her skills in other ways that support meaningful community creative expression. She has been actively involved in or a member of several organizations or committees that support visual and performance artists, most recently as the lead organizer for the Dudley Greenhouse annual Jazz Under Glass fundraiser, 2015 season UpMarket manager, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative member of Art and Culture Committee.

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