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Vyne Bernier
F. Vyne Bernier is a first-generation Haitian-American born and raised in Boston. Vyne is the founder and owner of Be You Photos, a traveling photography company based out of Boston. Vyne purchased his first professional film camera in 1995 and has been taking pictures ever since. Before making the decision in 2015 to pursue professional photography full-time, Vyne worked in early education for the Boston Public School system for over 10 years and was also fortunate enough to teach an introduction to digital photography course to high school students in various Boston Public Schools. His true passion has always been portrait photography because it has allows him the privilege of seeing people in a way that they are sometimes unable to see themselves. Vyne believes photography is a powerful tool in that it grants an artist the opportunity to freeze a moment in time. You can see and learn more about Vyne’s work at or on his Instagram page: @beyouphotos.

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