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Zach Chomz
Zack Chomz is a Boston based Artist born in Massachusetts in 1992. He received his BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015, and his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 2017. Zack has been published in New American Paintings North East Issue 134 (2018) and has been Artist in Residence with the Royal Drawing School at the Dumfries House, Scotland (2016). His work has been shown in New York in the group show, Playbook, at On Stellar Rays (2017) – curated by Didier William and Josephine Halvorson. As well as in the group shows, “Emerging Talent Exhibition” at Seraphin Gallery (2017) and “Neighborhood Watch” at Works on Paper Gallery (2018) both in Philadelphia. In 2018 he was included in the group show “Above and Beyond” at AREA Gallery – curated by A. David Guerra.

“Painter Zack Chomz explores various tensions in his paintings: combining gestural brushstrokes and slick, flat surface finishes in a single composition, or drawing out the conceptual paradox of an image culture that addictively stokes, rather than truly satisfies, our desires. The implied control over the flow of images that we consume and recirculate – whether in being able to pause a recorded disaster or creating an instagram post – is rendered illusory as mediated images and algorithmic power structures persist in attracting human behavior and controlling content. Zack extends this interest in the dynamics of desire and fulfillment to his own personal history of white masculinity and as a child of a middle-class suburb – transforming the pressures and structures of conformity (i.e. fences, well-kept property) into haunting and mysterious scenes of suspended suburban life, absent of figures. He is at a point in his career where these complex ideas are beginning to crystallize in the work, and his practice shows great promise for further development with the support of the fellowship, the critical conversations it offers, and the opportunity to read the work in a solo presentation.” — Ellen Tani, 2020 Walter Feldman Fellowship Juror

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