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Billboard Hope

This is the billboard on the corner of Roxbury and Centre Streets, in John Eliot Square, Roxbury. The billboard faces into a residential neighborhood, a state park, and a historic church common. It’s usually an eyesore, but it could be so much more–a source of joy for the neighborhood, the children, and its local artists. It’s pret-ty ugly in this photo, but it’s exciting to think about how the neighborhood could take on a whole ‘nother vibe.

We are Billboard Hope.

After the past year of Covid-19 isolation and unrest, everyone needs a relief from the pervading sense of overwhelming exhaustion. With this project, we hope to beautify and energize the public square and residential space that lives in the shadow of this billboard.

We are looking to collaborate with artists who have ties to Roxbury and the surrounding communities and who can reproduce their work or who directly work in 2-D digital formats. The project lasts from MARCH 29, 2021 – MARCH 28, 2022. Each artist will take over the board for 4-week solo display opportunity, each artist will address the same theme with their work– “Hope & Inspiration for the Future.”

So far, we have 3 artists scheduled to exhibit during the months of April-June, 2 more later in the year, and we are looking for more through an Open Call (1/31-4/5).

You can also donate to this effort below. We are grateful for your support!


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