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Billboard Hope

Since March 2021, Billboard Hope has curated the work of local artists with the theme, “Hope and Inspiration for the Future” on the billboard in John Eliot Square, Roxbury. The Billboard Hope project features thirteen local artists whose medium ranges from painting, to photography, textiles, cartooning, and graphic design.

Just recently, we were notified that our billboard was being removed. Quickly we pivoted to a location on the corner of Harrison and Dudley Streets. However, Billboard Hope remains committed to the John Eliot Square neighborhood and is looking for a wall or billboard in that area.

Billboard Hope’s mission is to build cross-community conversations and to be a daily moment of encouragement for people as they pass by. No doubt, the billboard model is a proven platform for advertisers selling cable, insurance, alcohol, etc. What would happen if we used the same approach as a context for selling hope, inspiration, and joy?

You can donate to this effort below. We are grateful for your support!


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