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Meet Our Spring 2024 Interns!

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2024 interns at A&BC! Our internship program is structured to provide a comprehensive experience in the fields of arts and non-profit sectors, facilitating professional growth and hands-on learning. The interns have demonstrated a commendable dedication to arts and a strong inclination towards contributing to the creative community. Their involvement spans critical areas such as art administration and the legal aspects of art, where their contributions are anticipated to be highly valuable. Let’s give a warm welcome to our new interns.

Arts Administration Interns

Laura Gill (she/her) 

Laura is a recent graduate of Clark University in Worcester, MA, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. She works as an administrative assistant at the Winchester Community Music School and teaches art to children at the Minni creative community space in the South End. She also is the nonprofit financial coordinator for the Brattle Film Foundation. Previously, she taught art classes in Cambridge, MA, Worcester, MA, and Florence, Italy. A Boston native, Laura would like to pursue a career in arts administration and to focus on supporting and growing the creative communities that got her started in the arts. Laura enjoys painting, reading, and watching films in her free time. 



Amor Díaz Campos (she/her)

Amor Díaz Campos is a Grad student at Boston University, enrolled in the Master’s degree program in Arts Administration from BU’s Metropolitan College. Being born and raised in Cuba, Amor’s global perspective has been enriched by diverse experiences, ultimately shaping her identity as an international Arts Advocate, Curator, and co-founder of Biennial Ríos Intermitentes. With over 8 years of immersive experience in the art world, Amor has spent countless hours in galleries, collaborating with museums, and partnering with art institutions across different countries. Amor works in the conversation between arts and community and believes in artists as key and engine for change. As a co-founder of Biennial Ríos Intermitentes, she has played an instrumental role in creating a platform that celebrates the intersection of culture, creativity, and social consciousness. 


Zeynep Elliott (she/her)

Zeynep earned her Bachelor’s degree from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, majoring in American Culture and Literature with a minor in Art History. Actively engaged in non-profit organizations in Turkey, she dedicated her time to contributing to initiatives focused on arts, culture, and equity. After being awarded a Fulbright grant, Zeynep embarked on her master’s journey in the United States, and is currently a second-year MA student in the History of Art and Architecture department at Boston University. With a strong passion for the arts, Zeynep aspires to build a career in the arts and culture sector. 


Art Law Interns

Hailey Skiff (she/her)

Hailey is a second-year law student at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA. She received her B.A. from Rollins College, where she majored in Art History. She wishes to pursue a career in Art and Cultural Heritage Law. Prior to working at the Arts and Business Council, she worked as a legal intern in both criminal and civil litigation. In her free time, Hailey enjoys baking, skiing, hiking, and anything outdoors!”




Caitlyn Walz (she/her)

Caitlyn is a third-year law student at New England Law in Boston, MA. She received her B.A. from Northern Kentucky University, majoring in Media Design and minoring in Psychology. Caitlyn is interested in intellectual property law and contract law. She wants to pursue a career working with entertainers, particularly minors, ensuring that their contracts are fair and that they are receiving their wages. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, cross-stitching, thrifting, reading, and spending time with her Big Sister-Little Sister mentee.



These passionate interns are embarking on a journey to learn, grow, and contribute to the arts and legal communities. If you’re interested in joining the next class of interns, you can learn more about intern responsibilities and how to apply via or contact the affiliated person below. We are so excited to have this team on board, and we hope to see your application in the future!


Art Law Internship
Luke Blackadar
Deputy Director
Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston
15 Channel Center St. Ste. 103
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 350-7600 x7011
[email protected]

Arts Administration Internship
Paige Roehrig
Development and Operations Manager
Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston
15 Channel Center Street, Suite 103
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 350-7600 x7014
[email protected]

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