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Beatrice Greene, born in the South Bronx to African American parents is a poet, composer, pianist, trumpeter, and dramatist. Beatrice delights in convening community open mics with themes such as Images Outside the Box: Defining Beauty for Ourselves, Place and Transitions. Her poems include social justice, humor, theology, science and nature themes. Her published poetry may be found in The Bones We Carry, Streetfeet Press, 2009; Lunar Calendar 2016, 2019 and Extra Mojo! Hidden Charm Press, 2013; Writers Without Margins, Vol. III, Lost and Found Edition, 2018. Beatrice performs a one woman show presenting the poetry and life of Frances E. Watkins Harper, nineteenth century black woman abolitionist, lecturer and author. In 2106 she composed and performed a piano composition called The Other at Roxbury Community College. Beatrice enjoys astrophysics, water color painting, practicing Spanish, cooking for friends and hiking in her spare moments. She belongs to the Time Project, an experimental women artists group.

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