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Michelle Evans is a metalsmith and creative spirit of continuous transformation guiding in the healing of the mind, body and spirit through her handmade jewelry, visual arts and ancient and modern holistic practices.

The nature of her work originates from her love of the arts since grade school where art was a part of the curriculum. M.E. Creations was birthed to be inclusive of the various art mediums that she would use when producing her craft. Although she has considered herself over the years to be a mixed media artist, her focus of expression as an extension of herself is her passion for jewelry making. Michelle started out acquiring her skills through books and watching videos on her own. To enhance her growth as a metalsmith, she continues to gain knowledge, skills and new techniques through classes and workshops.

Michelle loves working with metals and is fascinated with how it can be transformed from flat sheet, wire or tubing into functional pieces of wearable art. She uses different techniques as she designs and creates jewelry from metals embellished with natural and organic gemstones, healing crystals and found objects. She gathers her inspiration from nature and surroundings for abstract shapes, sculptural forms and textures to create jewelry with an organic flair. Michelle’s commitment and intention is that her jewelry as it adorns one’s body will invoke a feeling of confidence, empowerment, fulfillment and healing as a expression of their spirit.

Michelle is also a Reiki therapist and has formally studied traditional herbalism, herbal plant medicine, essential oil aromatherapy and mindfulness practice technique. Michelle integrates her holistic practices into her metalsmithing by attuning her jewelry with reiki energy to further enhance the healing properties of the metal and stones used in her designs.

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