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Wilson Hunt Jr.
Wilson Hunt’s interest in painting began when he audited a fine arts class that surveyed from the Renaissance to the 20th Century. He vividly remembers sitting in a darkened auditorium and watching the great works of art while the professor delineated the periods and described a way of analyzing and seeing the works. He soon after enrolled in a course on 20th Century painting and his first studio course in descriptive drawing. Wilson describes his own work as abstract, organic, non-representational, and coming out of his imagination. Many works are on paper, where he paints one stroke at a time as a response or complement to the one before it. He looks to build up a dynamic structure and a strong form in his work. His process is also deeply connected to and often mirrors music, especially the improvisation found in modern jazz. Experimentation and color are also important to his work, as are the influences of nature and 20th-century painting. Therefore, Wilson’s inspirations vary from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to De Kooning and Wolf Kahn. He is also influenced by the history of Blacks in America and the continued racism and discrimination now. Wilson points to the phrase: “Take your broken heart and make art.” You can learn and view more of Wilson’s work, story, and other mediums on his website:

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