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Lisa Lee – multi-disciplinary artist focusing on leather jewelry and accessories

I am a multi-media Maker, proficient in a number of disciplines. Among these are literary, performance, sculptural, audio-visual, and wearable. The nature of my practice is such that, combinations of art forms amalgamate into multi-media installation, or simply, in a craft fair booth. The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, are where these qualities were fostered.
Intentionally-deep-digging-authenticity breathes life into the layers of my work. Few things are more satisfying than something awe-inspiring, born of that, in my hand!
The work stirring excitement at present is, the crafting of my colorful fine art leather rings, which are largely constructed from re-appreciated materials. Equally as exciting is the crafting of my ALLOB collectibles, which can certainly function as greeting cards, but are primarily one-of-a-kind art pieces.
My ongoing focus, as with most Creatives, is to balance the joy of making, with the ability to thrive economically.
Enjoy work samples at:

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