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The Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship

The Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship (CEF) is designed to accelerate the careers and practice of a diverse group of artists and creative solopreneurs. CEF is a customized professional development experience for 8-10 individuals selected through a competitive application process.

The program kicks off in November and runs through June. The Fellowship includes personalized goal setting, one-on-one coaching, skills-training seminars, and a stipend for business-related purchases. This is the sixth year of the program, which now has a dynamic alumni network of artists working across a range of media.

Spoken word artist and CEF Fellow (’19) Porsha Olayiwola

“The CEF has helped to put me in such a great place for me as an artist and for my business to grow. I have recently been applying to projects it would have been a far-fetched dream to hope for a year ago. Thank you and everyone at the Arts and Business Council.”

— Tim Lorenzo, Designer and Sculptor

Check back here in August for the 2022 Fellowship application.

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