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Ryan Edwards: The Connecting Power of Public, Interactive, and Multi-Sensory Art

For some, the case of COVID-19 has invited the joys of simple existence, by encouraging us to redefine, realign, and spend some time at home with a good book. In a lot of ways, it’s back to basics, like when we were children. Stacking the alphabet cubes to spell out a word feels a lot like our current pandemic: make what you know and watch…

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Chanel Thervil on Self-Care, Creativity, and Collaboration during COVID-19

Chanel Thervil, the multi-faceted artist and educator behind the current exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Boston, titled “Warm & Fuzzy Feels”, recently bought her first tricycle. She takes it out for a joy ride twice a week (at most) to breathe new life into her creative works in the midst of COVID-19. “It’s been hard for me to find a routine,” she says, “but…

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