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Bye-Bye Shoebox! Hello Wave, Your New (Free) Small Business Accounting Software

Create and send professional invoices and receipts in seconds. Track your expenses. Check the status of your payments. And amaze your accountant with how organized you are! No more shoebox full of receipts, because now you have Wave. And the best part? It’s free!

At Artpreneur, we’re huge fans of Wave. And we’re not alone. This week Wave passed the 3 million users mark! Sine 2010, the software accounting tool has been saving artists, solopreneurs, and small businesses from suffering the pains of complicated legacy tools and helping creatives like you spend far less time managing expenses, tracking invoices, and preparing for tax season. Dare I say, the interface is actually enjoyable. Enough words—check out this wonderful introduction to the tool by Wave’s very own Rob Maurin.

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